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Luxury Romantic Wedding Photographer Brittany Painter


I've always loved capturing people and the beautiful connections between them. I love the pure candid moments of meaningful relationships. A wedding is the most special and unique day and I feel truly honoured that I get to photograph them.

Photography has always been a passion of mine but ultimately, it was when I became a mother that I was inspired to pursue my dream of becoming a professional photographer, after years of it lingering in the back of my mind.

I have always been sensitive to beauty in art and nature. Consideration of detail and aesthetic is so important to me and I feel completely joyous when I get to capture beautiful moments in beautiful settings.


I always want my photographs to evoke feelings and emotions. I mostly shoot in a documentary style, blending in so I can capture what is naturally happening around me. Although, if I see an opportunity to create something even more beautiful, I will always go that bit further to capture it.


I live just outside of London, England with my little family and travel across the UK and the world to photograph weddings.


Exploring new cities

Sourdough pizza

English gardens

Ice cream sundaes

A fresh manicure

Afternoon tea in a fancy hotel

Games night

Peaceful early mornings

Gin and tonic

Sundays with family

Neutral interiors


Old school R&B

My Dad's baking

Room service

A cosy, quiet corner

Bare feet on grass

A clear starry night



Natural Romantic Wedding Photographer
Luxury Romantic Wedding Photographer Brittany Painter
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