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Hello! I am so excited to have you work alongside me.


Before the day please read through this guide so that you are well prepared in what to expect when working with me.


For background, my photography style is natural and romantic with an editorial touch. I love natural/documentary photography as I believe a wedding day is best captured without too much posing, and reflects the couple as their most authentic selves.


That being said, where I need to I do use prompts if people are a little nervous or need some direction. I will recommend a better background, positioning or lighting scenario where possible/necessary and also try to tidy any clutter and move furniture for a clearer frame.


I am so inspired by fashion photography and more editorial compositions and am always aiming to include this in my work. I love movement and 'untraditional' frames to add another dimension to my style.


I prefer natural and ambient lighting where possible, saving flash photography for when it is necessary or to create more of a high fashion feel.

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