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Looking back on 2022, it's been absolutely joyful. So many amazing memories and wonderful people have made it a momentous year for me.

Part of my job that I particularly love is getting to know my couples and creating a personal relationship. Hearing their love stories, their wedding plans, how they want to celebrate each other, and sharing our visions for creating the most beautiful memories.

Being chosen to photograph a couple's special day always brings a sense of privilege with it, and it is truly wonderful watching a much anticipated day finally turn from a seemingly distant dream into reality.

Core memories from this year include:

-Travelling to Scotland to photograph Emily and Seana's intimate elopement in Gretna Green

-A very touching and emotional moment, watching as the groom, groomsmen in tow, walked to his recently departed Grandfather's farm and meeting with his Grandmother before heading off to the wedding

-Running back and forth on the Old Kent Road capturing guests moving from the Asylum Chapel to AMP Studios

-The one where the party couldn't wait to get started - napkin swinging, dancing on tables, singing at the top of their lungs!

-The wedding of Mike and Roxanne, exploring Château de Séréville and thinking 'Is this my life?!'. A dream come true.

-Getting to know so many couples, and being part of all of their unique celebrations. I can’t emphasise just how rewarding, and how special it is to be chosen to be your wedding photographer.

Something else that has erupted inside of me has been realising my craving for fashion, alongside styling and incredible design. I have always been drawn to beautiful shapes, natural materials, and organics, and seeing the harmony between them at a wedding is the epitome of job satisfaction.

This year I have also been fortunate to have had the pleasure of working alongside amazing suppliers – florists, videographers, planners, venue staff... The list goes on. All have worked so hard to provide for the weddings of our clients, and ensured they were incredible.

I have picked a few of my favourite moments from this year to share with you…

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